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For thirteen years technasia has created a completely unique east/west fusion that actions seamlessly from the paris club scene, to the streets of hong kong, to the hippest techno venues in europe. founded by charles siegling and amil khan in 1996, technasia thrived as a duo for almost a dozen years. now, charles has gone solo, taking technasia into 2010 as a one-guy project. unlike a hollywood divorce, the parting between siegling and khan is actually amicable. hong kong-based khan retired from technasia toSpend time along with his young family. “you have to stay this scene each unmarried day,” says siegling, “it’s very ingesting, amil didn’t want that anymore.” In spite of the alternate, siegling has usually been the ‘the front guy’ in phrases of djing and acting live, so technasia is as interesting and full-bodied a stay enjoy as ever. if some thing, siegling is even greater determined to infuse every element of technasia along with his utter absorption in sound, the passion born of 25 years engrossed in electronicTrack. ?born in paris and raised in an eleventh century chateau, charles grew up listening to the whole thing from depeche mode, jimi hendrix to mythical red dots and einstuerzende neubauten. his tune-loving dad even brought him to early british rave tunes. as a college scholar he persisted his musical education the golf equipment of paris taking note of the likes of derrick can also and robert owens; and being attentive to the data laurent garnier and dj deep performed on their radio indicates. Inside the mid-90sSiegling, who did a degree in film studies, went to test out the hong kong cinema scene. there, a mutual pal added him to amil khan and after they determined a shared flavor in digital song, technasia became born. they selected to base technasia and their file label sino in hong kong due to the fact there was no scene there, no file stores, no underground, no infrastructure. it changed into to begin with a war for survival, however the area is crucial to the technasia ethos of song as communique.“language is the final barrier,” says siegling. he strives to conquer the barrier in his own existence by choosing up languages anywhere he goes – he speaks mandarin, cantonese, spanish and italian, amongst others – however ultimately he chooses to speak through sound. “electronic track is the finest language of all. no words, just the vibration, the emotion and the beat.” ? Charles has a burning ambition to create tune that transcends cultural boundaries, and to captivate every target audience. theProof of his success is inside the list of golf equipment and festivals technasia has performed. fans around the world, from china, to colombia, to the czech republic, know technasia’s conventional anthems inclusive of ‘force’, ‘oxide’ and ‘evergreen’. and that they understand that each technasia show takes the tune to new heights. while djing, charles continually plays on 3 decks, showcasing the old school arts of cutting and scratching. stay, technasia takes audiences on an unforgettable ride. charles literally becomes aOne-man band, gambling keyboards, percussion and acoustic contraptions. he even sings. anything to create irresistible strength and surroundings. “i need my target market having a laugh,” explains siegling. “now not falling asleep, or going off to the bar for a lager.” The overall performance issue of technasia is complemented through artist albums ‘future mix’ and ‘popsoda’ – which are modern classics. siegling is also an outspoken promoter of young skills, using the sino imprint as a launch pad for skills consisting of jorisVoorn, renato cohen, steve rachmad and younger catalan producer dosem. he has straightforward standards for what makes a sino artist: talent and individuality. charles is refreshingly direct – he has no endurance for enterprise politics – and he seeks out musicians who have a similar energy of man or woman and clarity of motive. “i percentage my information with artists who deserve a push,” says siegling. “so whilst they're ready to fly, they can do it on their very own.” 2010 is a red-letter yr for technasiaFanatics, thanks to the discharge of 0.33 artist album ‘significant’. technasia’s first ‘solo’ lp, ‘valuable’ marks the evolution of their trademark state-of-the-art, clever techno. “it represents a continuity of all of the albums, it builds from them,” siegling explains. “it grew out of new methods of combining melodies feelings and energetic beats.” technasia is undertaking an extensive tour to promote ‘significant’ and remix assist comes from the likes of marc romboy, mauro picotto, dosem and renato cohen.No surprise siegling is bubbling with pleasure: “that is my legacy,” he says proudly. “this is what humans will do not forget me for.” Technasia timeline 1996: founded by means of siegling and khan 1999: sino information founded 2001: ‘evergreen’ & ‘future blend’ lp released 2003: joris voorn’s sino debut ‘misplaced recollections pt 1&2’ 2006: technasia ‘popsoda’ and steve rachmad ‘neo classica’ launched on sino 2009: siegling is going solo as technasia; sino releases renato cohen ‘16 billion drum kicks’ lp 2010: 1/3Artist album ‘significant’ released; technasia global excursion Membership highlights Fuse, brussels; zouk, singapore & kula lumpur; rex membership, paris; womb, tokyo; warung, seaside, brazil; berghain, tresor, berlin; cloth, ministry of sound, london; cocoon @ amnesia, area, ibiza; fabrik, macumba, madrid; nitsa, barcelona; volar, hong kong; de sade, milano; old river, naples; florida one hundred thirty five, fraga; sankeys, manchester; chibuku, liverpool; shine, belfast; the arches, glasgow Pageant highlights Wire, japan;Monegros, primavera, klubbers, spain; i love techno, belgium; skol beats, brazil; time warp, nature one, sonne mond & sterne, germany; dance valley, extrema, awakenings, the netherlands; tribes, future music, australia; exit, serbia; electromind, astropolis, france